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Personal Log


so i just wanted to test out sticking a photo in here and see what that looks like so here you go. this is some snow that was here just a few weeks ago.

Hi, well i suppose i should provide an update here, i havent been too active here because ive been trying to get ready to move across the country. So I am going to put a hold on my little Pirate Radio project for the moment, and maybe give it another try in a couple of months. In the meantime, I'm adding an about page with info about how to get ahold of me just incase.
Today I've added a Teixcalaanli style name generator. Try it out! And let me know if there's any nouns or numbers I should add. You can always drop suggestions into chat.
Yesterday (I think it was yesterday?) I did a little streaming and during which I was putzing arounmd with Chat GPT and trying to get it to write some various little scripts and things, which was super fun. I'm thinkiung about trying that out again some time soon, maybe even tonight. My goal was to try to get chatGPT to make some kind of noises, and while I accomplished that, it was not really more than a couple of weird electronic bleeps. I was hoping for something a little more complex. Anyway I am going to give some thought to what I want to try to accomplish with my next livestream and go from there. That's all for now! Any questions or comments, feel free to leave in my chat.
so ive been editing a version of this site locally and i'm trying to get a pipeline going to push my local changes to neocities. I keep running into ridiculous problems though. im not sure what i want to make next, gimme some ideas, over in chat.

OK I have to share the poem I just made here, it's a timely and topical poem about the hunger for peace


It's livestream day! I'll be kicking off at 7pm Pacific time over on the Radio page, tonight's theme is LoFi beats, but please drop any and all requests into chat and i will play every one (within reason of course)


whoops i stayed up way too late working on this website. new chatbox, though. i hope i dont come to regret that. Must get sleep, bye.


I did a livestream today and i think it went pretty well, I am going to try and do this regularly. Fridays sound pretty good I guess? I feel like this is very doable and that I might be able to get a small following and continue with it. better sound wouldbe great, but i'm just working with what i have available to me.

It's nice to be a dj again, even if its just once a week and even if no one else is listening. It's good to have a hobby that is for the most part free. I suppose there are costs built in, a spotify account, internet connection, the computer i stream from, but these are all things i already had. The raw materials are there, i am just trying to put them together in a hopefully interesting way to put them back out into the world.


I'm kicking around a couple of ideas for this site, one if which is to get a weather page going. Scrape some public weather data and display in a fun way, maybe using Grafana or something similar.

Another idea i have is getting sensor data from tge Dyson air purifier I have running and display that alongside the public data.

So i guess this is a Teixcalaan fansite really is what this is that im putting together. It rained a lot today, mostly early in the morning it was pouring if i remember correctly.
Oh also, I got IPA characters working correctly on the Language page, which is very exciting. My plan is to eventually have a search function and a whole dictionary but that's pretty ambitious.
I found a cool blog template thing i might try to incorprate into this journal, to make editing it a little easier than just inline html editing. It would let me structure things a little better and i think will be fairly easy to use. it's called zonelets and was kind of made specifically for neocities, so thats cool.
Well i was messing around with things and trying to make a unix timestamp clock, but it seems I stopped the clocks from updating continuously. The timestamp buttons work at least. I might have a good idea for the flag game, so that should be coming soon.
I'm working on adding a flag guessing game to the holosuite, it's actually a lot harder than i expected it would be. turns out unicode is very messy. im also thinking about some name generators i want to do, based on the Teixcalaanli naming system, which as you probably know by now i love.

And this is just to confirm that the button works on ipad just fine.


I added a fun button to my home page that lets me copy the data and time in ISO format to the clipboard. I'm going to use that in place of stardate for this log. So that's fun. Still working on fleshing out the website, but it's coming along nicely.

2023/01/10 13:32

Today I made this journal page. I'm still customizing it and what not, but it's coming together. I'm not sure if this will be useful, but I'll put some stuff in here once in a while, I guess. I would like to change my divider at the top of this page to a plain non-broekn one, but i am still figuring out this template.